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Positivity Management is a boutique talent agency for the entertainment industry.  Positivity represents some of the finest artist, producers, musicians, writers, charities, and children shows on the International Scene. Positivity also represents the estates of entertainment figures, with licensing, branding, and overall estate management. The management division is based in Kansas City, Kansas.


Blue Sky Sound and Affirm Records have offices in Kanas City and Vancouver, BC. Positivity Entertainment uses Blue Sky Sound and Affirm Records for 95% of our artist's recording, production, mixing and mastering work. With great success on the international scene, Blue Sky Sound and Affirm Records retain a small roster of talent. They focus on creativity and musical artists who make a difference through their material. Blue Sky Sound and Affirm have several award-winning producers available. Blue Sky Sound and Affirm Records have achieved #1 singles in Europe and Canada.


Positivity Publishing has an extensive list of material, hit songs, children’s songs, patriotic songs, and represent some of the great musical writers. If you are looking for your next hit song, Positivity is your place to look without any obligation. Positivity Entertainment does not place songs on hold for any artist regardless of their success.

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